Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Florida Fun

I went to Florida this past weekend for a friends wedding. Not only was the wedding super adorable, but the house we stayed at was AMAZING!!

The owners are Mr. and Mrs. Dave Campo. Dave just happens to be a professional football coach. He has coached the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaquars and a few others. He was with the Cowboys for 3 Superbowl wins.

He has been coaching the Jaquars, but just went back to the Cowboys. So I didn't actually get to meet him. But his wife was great. She wouldn't let us pay for anything. And Saturday (the day after the wedding) she took us to her private beach club. We spent the entire day there soaking up the gorgeous sun and hunting for shark teeth.

BUT the whole reason for the trip: Samantha and Tyler! I didn't get to actually go to the ceremony. They are mormon and I am not which means I was not allowed in the temple. But after, they had a cute little ring ceremony and reception. It was so good to see Sam, even if it was for such a short time. She looked like such a happy bride. Although I am pretty sure I saw her face turn 10 different shades of red when he took the garter off!!! She was soooo nervous for that night! I haven't gotten to talk to her but I hope that it was magical.

It was a good weekend. Scratch that, great weekend!!

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