Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Life is kinda crazy right now.  I barely have time to check my email at work I have so many things going on.  And I would almost say I have too much of a social life in the evenings. (But I won't give it up, having a life outside of science keeps me sane.)  Things have been so busy (why did I decide to go to grad school??), when I finally had a free afternoon Sunday, after I did some cleaning, I sat on the couch and didn't move until I went to bed.  It was magical.  Of course then Monday came and the craziness started all over.  And on top of all the craziness I haven't run since my race.  Finally tonight after a week and half I found some time.  My one free night for the next few days.  I would try to run in the morning, but I think maybe I should wait to see if I have some slow time at work so that my body can get used to the early mornings.  Last time I tried an early morning run I about died by 10:00 am.  I did a little experiment and found that I really seem to do best on 8 hours of sleep.  Which means I go to bed about 11 and get up about 7.  I guess I could try to get to bed earlier to get up earlier.  Anyway, just the usual thing, so much to do and not enough time and an advisor who things I have all the time in the world = the joys of grad school.

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