Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is it ok

to reward yourself with something BEFORE you actually do what you are rewarding yourself for?? I just bought 2 new pairs of pretty expensive running shorts. I was going to wait until after the 5K I am running next weekend and buy them as a reward for finishing my first race. But I was running errands last night and was right by the running store, where my friend just happened to be working, and splurged. They are super nice and I am really excited to go for my run tonight just so I can wear them. I told myself I was going to be more conscious of my spending which is why I was going to wait until after the race. Hence the purchase would have been earned. I guess I'll just have to remember that I don't get to buy anything next weekend as a reward since I already have it.

Side note: Stopped by a new coffee place this morning on my way to work. The coffee is AMAZING! We all know how I love my coffee and now I found a place that is actually really good in Memphis. Yay no more Starbucks!!


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  2. It is always a good idea to reward yourself for running, whether it's before or after a race... you need to keep the motivation somehow!

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