Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love you.

Got this email from my mom this morning.  Instead of forwarding it on, I decided to blog it. 
Love you all!

Dear God:
The lady reading this is
beautiful, classy and
strong, and I love her.
Help her live her life to the fullest.
Please promote her and
cause her to excel above her expectations.
Help her shine in the darkest places where it is
impossible to love.
Protect her at all times,
lift her up when she needs You the most,
and let her know when she walks with You,
She will always be safe..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday's Sangria

So I promised that I would tell you how the Sangria was and it was delicious!  Perfect end to my week, sitting on the deck in the warm weather drinking sangria.  I got the recipe from Design Sponge.  For the fruit, I added oranges and watermellon along with the apple!  So good!  Only bad thing was that I didn't have a cute pitcher to make it in.  So now I am on the hunt for a cute pitcher... or two!

These ones are kinda cute.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More Pictures

First of all, this is my 100th post!!!  Yay!

Second, I just made Sangria!  I am letting all the juices soak.  Can't wait to try it later. I'll let you know how it is and maybe even give you the recipe!

Now, for those who asked, here are some more pics of my house.  Enjoy!
Tucker loves laying in the window when its open.

Front of the house.  Its a duplex, we live on the right.

Front/side of the house.  The bumb out area is my room.

I love these bushes!

The garden 5 days after planting.  Looking good!

Close up of one of the tomato plants.  Look at the buds!!

Back deck from the corner.  Can't wait to have a BBQ.

Our neighbor's dog Buckly.  He LOVES to play fetch over the fence, and comes runnning when he hears us in the back yard.

Waiting patiently for me to throw the ball.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me gusta las margaritas

Yes.  Its true.  To prove this fact, tonight I went to the Mexican restaurant just down the street from my house.  Not only did I go tonight, but also last night, and also Saturday night.  Which made tonight the 3rd out of 6 that I have been there.  Maybe its the delicious chips or lovely outdoor patio that has been so nice to sit on in this gorgeous weather.  Or more realistically its the fact that you can order a pitcher of margarita for $16.  Don't worry, I may be a lush, but not that much.  I did split it.  However, even after only 2 of these babies, I was well into a "happy state of mind".  Yes Los Compadres does not skimp on the good stuff.  Good thing my boss is out of town today and tomorrow!  She'll never know if I show up a little late!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

$10 patio table from garage sale
Crawfish boil at the Langley farm
Yummy crawfish!
The man made lake at the farm.
Potter!!!! My friends cute puppy.
Time to start planting.
Pretty flowers blooming on the back deck.
Our vegetable garden!
Pretty hanging baskets on the back porch!
My cute bicycle flower pot and my gardenia bush. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Many the miles...

So I have come to the conclusion that I am terrible at keeping in touch with people.  I got an email from my best friend from high school and as I was writing her back I realized that while I love her deeply, I really have no idea what is going on in her life.  When was the last time I really talked to her?  Why was it so long ago? And she is only one of many people I feel this way about.  I do promise my intentions are good however.  I think about all of you  who are far away all the time.  I follow your blogs religiously and stalk you on facebook every chance I get.  And while I think about picking up the phone and calling or sending a quick email, I don't actually do it.  And I am the master at making excuses about it.  "Oh the time difference..." "Oh an email is too impersonal..." But when you get right down to it, I just suck at keeping in touch with people. I want to change.  I'm sure I've probably told myself I will many times before, but it obviously hasn't happened.  So what to do?  I guess all I can do is try, and hope that all of you know how much I really do love you and miss you and think about you and wonder what you are up to all time.  Consider this my electronic apology and bear hug.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

And.....We're back!

Hello to all my dedicated followers!  Sorry for my extremely long absence.  I got a little caught up in the world of scientific grant writing.  For those of you unfamiliar now would be the time to praise God that you are.  Let me put it in a little perspective for you:  getting cut open with a dull knife = not as bad as grant writing.  But I promised myself that when I started this post I would not talk about how extremely stressful and crazy this last month and a half has been, so we're done with that.

In other news...well I don't really have any other news.  So what do people talk about when they don't really have anything to talk about? Ah, the weather.  Well lucky for me the weather here is worth talking about.  It is gorgeous!!!!!  I love spring.  Everything except the pollen that falls like snow.  My car turned from a navy blue color to a mustardy color.  It was gross.  Luckily last night we had a crazy, bad ass (excuse my language) thunder storm.  And now my car is back to its normal color.  And now that I've probably bored you all I am going to end this post. I was just so happy that I actually had time to write that I had to write.

And now I am going to leave you with this picture of my little guinea pig. We were sitting on the couch eating apples together.