Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me gusta las margaritas

Yes.  Its true.  To prove this fact, tonight I went to the Mexican restaurant just down the street from my house.  Not only did I go tonight, but also last night, and also Saturday night.  Which made tonight the 3rd out of 6 that I have been there.  Maybe its the delicious chips or lovely outdoor patio that has been so nice to sit on in this gorgeous weather.  Or more realistically its the fact that you can order a pitcher of margarita for $16.  Don't worry, I may be a lush, but not that much.  I did split it.  However, even after only 2 of these babies, I was well into a "happy state of mind".  Yes Los Compadres does not skimp on the good stuff.  Good thing my boss is out of town today and tomorrow!  She'll never know if I show up a little late!


1 comment:

  1. she'll never know UNLESS SHE READS YOUR BLOG! haha