Friday, October 30, 2009

Animals Love Pumpkins Too

Also, these are pretty cute as well. Happy Halloween Weekend everyone!!

Animals Love Pumpkins Too

Dogs in Funny Costumes

These make me laugh. The last one is probably my favorite.

Dogs in Funny Costumes

I like, I mean...

I am pretty sure the pharmacy that I go to must think I am a crazy person by now.  I have much been in there every week for the past month with at least one new prescription for a potent medication. They don't even ask me to verify my address anymore I go in so often. 
So my doctors appointment lasted about 10 minutes this morning, and went something like this.

Doc:  Hi Danielle, how did those last medications work?
Me:  They didn't.  I still have a headache.
Doc:  Hmmm, I figured, you don't look so good.  Let me figure out what we should try next.  
    (doc leaves for about 5 minutes to consult on whether or not I could take Imitrex (other med complication possibilities) and at what dose)
Doc:  Ok, here is a prescription for Imitrex.
Me:  Thanks.  I hope this works.
Doc:  If it doesn't I'll see you in here next week and we will probably get you set up with a Neurology appointment.
Me:  (sarcasm)  Awesome.
Doc: (chuckle)  Have a good Halloween, Danielle.
Me:  You too.

And now I am at home and just took my first dose.  (I came home cause who knows which side effects will actually effect me)  If I still feel the headache after 2 hours I get to take another dose.  Weeee.

Side note:  I am again very thankful for my rain boots today.  I am pretty sure I will be seeing Noah's Ark float by any minute now.  This rain is crazy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm thankful for...

I know it's not quite November, and things in my life aren't necessarily the best, but there are still so many things that I am thankful for right now.

1.  My rain boots.  Without them walking through the river that lead from my front door to my car this morning would not have been nearly as enjoyable.  (or dry)
2.  Pumpkin spice lattes.  Even on the most dreary cold days, they make me feel happy and warm.
3.  My co-workers.  They are so fun and understanding and encouraging.  I don't think I would like my job half as much if it weren't for them.
4.  My moms new love of texting.  Its fun to get little messages from her throughout the day.  It lifts my spirits.
5.  Thursday nights.  My friends Lindsey and Josh host dinner at thier house every Thursday.  Lindsey makes the main dish and we all bring something to go along with it.  Tonight:  homemade mac and cheese and fried chicken.  Yum :)
6.  Payday tomorrow.  I have about $5 in my account right now.
7.  Plans for a fun Halloween!  They may not be a crazy kegger reminiscent of the big house, but fun none the less.
8.  Choir practice.  I love to sing.

With Thanksgiving coming up I like to take the month of November to remember all the things I am thankful for in my life.  Really I should do it more often.  When you really sit down and think about it, I'm sure you could come up with a huge list of things.  And how could that not make you happy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Its raining, its pouring

Oh I miss my blog.  I so enjoy getting things out into cyber space.  But sometimes I get so busy, I forget and then all this time goes by...
My headache situation is still pretty bad.  The original medication that the doctor gave me didn't seem to do anything.  So I went back last Thursday and he gave me some pain meds that I had to take for 2 days.  I was completely out of it.  I could barely walk around enough to get to the bathroom.  It was supposed to get rid of all my pain so that I could start fresh and take this new migraine med on Saturday.  But I think I was so groggy and hung over from the pain meds that the other medicine wasn't working.  But now its Tuesday night and still no effect.  I am so tired of this.  So. Completely. Tired.  And to make matters worse I think I pushed myself too hard running last week trying to make up for the training time I've missed I must have pulled a muscle in my hip.  I can barely walk around. Lab stuff isn't going great.  AND I was up all last night sick.  Luckly I felt fine this morning in that regard, but seriously, when it rains it pours.  And it is pouring. 
Next step with the headaches is to try one more medication and if that doesn't work, on to a neurologist for a full work-up and CT scan. 
On a happy note, I am so exicted for the weekend! 
Friday night: Chili Cookoff
Saturday morning: Merry Marketplace (aka Christmas crafts, clothes, foods....)
Saturday night:  HALLOWEEEENNNN!!!!!  Love Halloween.  And my costume!
Hopefully I can stave off the pain enough to enjoy my weekend.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where did my day go?

I think its been about 3 weeks since my last run.  This 1/2 marathon thing is looking more and more like something that is not going to happen.  Why did I decide to go to grad school?? 
This is totally how I feel:

I need about 3 more hours to my day and I'd be good.  I thought I was getting to used to less sleep, that is until I passed out in class this morning.  And in a class of 5 people, thats kind of noticable. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A love letter

                                          Oh my dear Pumpkin Spice latte,
How I love you so.  You complete my mornings with your tasty pumpkiny spicy goodness and warm me for the rest of the day with your foaming milk.  My life is imcomplete without you.  Can't you stay all year long?  Its not fair that we should only be together in the fall.  I will cherish our next few months together and not take a single morning for granted.  I love you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Here!

Fall that is.  I LOVE fall.  Which I know you all know since this is not my first time blogging about it.  But it is actually here now.  And its beautiful.  78 degrees, breezy, and NO humidity!!  Love it. 

And with fall, of course football.  I may have been a little disappointed in the Husky's performance last weekend, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.  But before that, I am going to a high school football game tonight.  My friend Amanda's fiance is a teacher at one of the high schools in Memphis and tonight thier football team is playing thier rivals.  Now I probably should mention that this is a predominantly black high school and so is the team they are playing.  And the game is in Orange Mound which is pretty much the roughest neighborhood in the greater Memphis area.  And by roughest I mean scariest.  Why did I agree to go watch this game you might ask?  Because this is probably the only time I will ever set foot in Orange Mound and I want to experience life on the dangerous side.  Don't worry, I got the low down on correct clothing colors, and I won't be walking anywhere alone.  And I'll make sure to keep my white girl ghetto-ness in check. 
I'll let ya'll know how it goes.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Already Gone

I recently bought Kelly Clarkson's new CD.  And I am currently obsessed with this song.

(I don't know how you all make the video actually appear.  Help?)

Listen.  Love it.  Buy her CD.