Friday, October 30, 2009

I like, I mean...

I am pretty sure the pharmacy that I go to must think I am a crazy person by now.  I have much been in there every week for the past month with at least one new prescription for a potent medication. They don't even ask me to verify my address anymore I go in so often. 
So my doctors appointment lasted about 10 minutes this morning, and went something like this.

Doc:  Hi Danielle, how did those last medications work?
Me:  They didn't.  I still have a headache.
Doc:  Hmmm, I figured, you don't look so good.  Let me figure out what we should try next.  
    (doc leaves for about 5 minutes to consult on whether or not I could take Imitrex (other med complication possibilities) and at what dose)
Doc:  Ok, here is a prescription for Imitrex.
Me:  Thanks.  I hope this works.
Doc:  If it doesn't I'll see you in here next week and we will probably get you set up with a Neurology appointment.
Me:  (sarcasm)  Awesome.
Doc: (chuckle)  Have a good Halloween, Danielle.
Me:  You too.

And now I am at home and just took my first dose.  (I came home cause who knows which side effects will actually effect me)  If I still feel the headache after 2 hours I get to take another dose.  Weeee.

Side note:  I am again very thankful for my rain boots today.  I am pretty sure I will be seeing Noah's Ark float by any minute now.  This rain is crazy.

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