Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Here!

Fall that is.  I LOVE fall.  Which I know you all know since this is not my first time blogging about it.  But it is actually here now.  And its beautiful.  78 degrees, breezy, and NO humidity!!  Love it. 

And with fall, of course football.  I may have been a little disappointed in the Husky's performance last weekend, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.  But before that, I am going to a high school football game tonight.  My friend Amanda's fiance is a teacher at one of the high schools in Memphis and tonight thier football team is playing thier rivals.  Now I probably should mention that this is a predominantly black high school and so is the team they are playing.  And the game is in Orange Mound which is pretty much the roughest neighborhood in the greater Memphis area.  And by roughest I mean scariest.  Why did I agree to go watch this game you might ask?  Because this is probably the only time I will ever set foot in Orange Mound and I want to experience life on the dangerous side.  Don't worry, I got the low down on correct clothing colors, and I won't be walking anywhere alone.  And I'll make sure to keep my white girl ghetto-ness in check. 
I'll let ya'll know how it goes.


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