Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in Memphis

And already missing home.  This past week was so nice.  I got to relax and spend some much needed Q.T. with the family.  Especially Sarah.  I think I gained about 35 lbs for 8 days.  Literally she would not leave my side.  But I must admit, its nice to be loved that much.  I got home about 11 this morning and took a very long nap.  Family time was nice, but I stayed up late a lot and woke up early a lot.  A long nap was necessary.  Not much work to do in the lab the rest of the week so I'll be taking it easy for the next 5 days.
Not sure what exactly my plans are for tomorrow night, but I know I'll be hanging out with some of the girls.

Here are some of pics of my time at home.

Sarah and mine's annual Christmas cooking day.

Family portraite with Great Grandma Doll.  Not the best pic of me, but oh well.

Sarah and I.

Sarah opening her gift from me on Christmas morning.  Who would have thought a 6 year old would love a science kit so much?  I'm training her early.

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