Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping time is running out

I know we still have like 13 days until Christmas, but I am starting to stress out about my gift buying.  The only person I actually have a gift for is my dad.  Granted it is a pretty good one.  But I am usually so on top of my gift buying and this year I am totally not.   I have absolutely no idea what to get my mom.  And suggestions??  I am pretty sure my brothers will just be getting gift cards which is so lame and unoriginal, but I know they are both really low on cash and there is nothing else they particullarly need.  And Sarah, well there are a ton of things I can get her.  She's the easy one.  And my Great Grandma is spending Christmas with us so I need to get her a little something.  She loves to write and send cards to people so my mom is making her a box full of homemade cards.  She's so crafty like that.  I might try to wedge my way into that gift.  I could make some fun cards.  I mean my grandma is well into her 80's.  She's not looking for a big extravegant gift.  Maybe I could make her a little lap blanket.  Anyway.  Even if I did know what I want to get everyone, I have no idea when I would actually get it.  My weekdays are packed full at work and working late so I don't really have any time in the evening.  And on the weekends, in between holiday parties and gatherings, I have to come into work to finish up some experiments before I leave for the holidays.  So how exactly I am supposed to get shopping done, I have no idea.  I might end up being one of those last minute shoppers this year.

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  1. I am totally with you on the shopping this year. I'm trying to to get too stressed out, but I feel like I am low on time and ideas, too... Good luck!