Friday, November 13, 2009

New movie I can't wait to see

Its really not a secret.  I love movies.  I would rather watch a movie than a television show.  And I am signed up for 3 movies at a time from Netflix.  Like most girls I also love Disney movies.  Especially Pirates of the Caribbean.  All of them.  Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom = hotties and action = great.   Which is why when I heard about this new Prince of Persia movie I was thrilled.  Jake Gyllenhaal?  Um yes please!!  I did a Google search for "Jake Gylenhall Prince of Persia" and the image results were so fun to look at.  You really should do it.  I promise it will make your weekend.  Here is just one to give you a taste. 

Don't get too excited yet though.  The movie doesn't come out until next May. 
Guess the pictures will just have to suffice for now.

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