Monday, November 9, 2009

"J" baby names

So the shower tonight was really fun.  A few of the girls are nurses and were telling their stories about working in the maternaty ward and all the babies.  One of the girls told us of a mom who really liked to name her babies starting with J.  Her twins names are Ja'Kyra and Ja'Kyrin.  Not too bad separatly I guess, although way too similar for twins if you ask me.  Her new baby however, who was delivered by emergency because the mom had the swine flu and pneumonia (terrible), is...get ready....Ja'Angel Grace.  She apparently thought it was a beautiful name and so fitting because of the state in which the baby had to be delivered (2 months early) and the fact that she is doing so well despite all the odds.  Ja'Angel.  Seriously?  Where do people come up with this stuff??

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