Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Downtown Dining Experience

Last night my friend Amanda gave me a call while I was out on a walk.  I normally don't take my phone with me, but I was talking to mom before I left and just continued to talk as I started my walk.  (Note:  I am not running because of my f-ing hip, but that does not me I have to be sedentary.)  Anyway, just as I was about finished, she called.  Unbeknownst to me a bunch of the downtown restaurants are participating in a special promotion:  3 course meal for $20.  There a bunch of really nice places that I have always wanted to try, but they are all so expensive that I never go.  So last night Amanda and I set out to try one.  What an adventure that was.  The first place we went to was actually closed for a private event and wasn't going to open to the public.  So we went to our second choice.  The wait for a table for 2 was waaaay too long, hence we continued our way to the next location.  Our third choice said (before we could even say anything) that unless we had reservations, we should go somewhere else.  Ok, thank you rude hostess.  So on the fourth place.  We got a table, yay!  Or not.  We were there for like 15 min and no one came up and even asked if we wanted anything to drink.  The couple next to us had been there longer than us and weren't having any better luck.  So we left.  And went to the fifth place.  At long last!!!  It was 9:00, but finally we found a table AND decent service.  And the food was really delicious.  I went home very, very full and only out $20 (well and I guess a couple wasted hours, but whatever).  Who can beat that?  And who knew there would be so many Memphians out to dinner on a Tuesday night.  Guess we weren't the only ones excited by a deal.  Go figure.

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