Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

This Friday seems to be going by pretty quickly.  Which is great because I have a pretty good weekend planned.  Tonight is dinner and movie with New Moon!  Yes I am like a 13 year old and in love with the series.  Although due to class reading I actually haven't read all the books yet, just the first two.  But still, I am excited.  Too bad my high school won't be making an appearance in this one.
Tomorrow I am getting together with some class mates I haven't seen in a while for lunch.  We haven't all hung out as a class in a while so I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Then some serious house cleaning.  I mean serious.  My house looks like this.  Okay, maybe not that bad.  Actually no where near that bad.  But it does need some TLC.  Especially since my parents will be in town in only 4 days!  No one wants their mother to think they are a messy house keeper.  At least I don't.
And Sunday I have church and choir practice for our Christmas program.  And I might rake some more leaves.  Dawn and I raked a bunch last week yet it looks like they are all back.  Its a never ending job.  I love the trees in the summer, but not so much now. 
Hopefully only another hour left here in lab and then I'm off!!

Happy Weekend!!

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