Thursday, February 4, 2010

Relearning my espanol

I have recently fallen back in love with reading.  I have had a pile of books sitting next to my bed for a couple of months now and I am finally on the last one, which just so happens to be a great recommendation from my friend Maddie.  The author of the book is Dominican and likes to throw in random Spanish phrases throughout the book.  About 50% of the time I can rely on my long distant Spanish classes to figure out what the author is talking about.  The other 50% of the time I just make up whatever I think sounds best given the current scene setting.  I'm sure most of what he is talking about is Spanish slang anyway.  I suppose I could look up and see what the translation is but that would just ruin the flow of my reading and the funny things that I come up with.  Despite my lack of Espanol, it is a really good book, extremely entertaining.  However, I am almost done and in need of a new book and have a B&N gift card to spend (thanks mom!).  Any new recommendations??

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