Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Break

Today is a busy day for me.  I'm doing an experiment that takes me all day, from about 8:00 to 6:00, without much room for a break.  So I am spending the next 20 minutes grabbing a quick bite to eat and saying hi.  My first day of "giving up going to bed angry" went well.  It was a good day to start too.  I had kind of a frustrating day in the lab and was kind of in an annoyed mood the rest of the night.  I was tempted to skip choir practice because of it, but for the 15 minutes I was home between work and when I had to leave for choir I turned on the Olympics and got to see the snow boarding half-pike qualifying runs by Sean White and Louie Vito.  Vito's was ok, but Whites was awesome!!!  He gets so high in the air its ridiculous!  Happy thing of the day number one.  (Actually number 2, I did have one good thing happen in lab for me.)  Another happy thing was the funny story my mom told me about her and my little sister.  She has such a little personality it cracks me up.  I hope she only keeps developing it as she grows.  My sister that is, not my mom.  Although she has a pretty good personality too.
And there were a couple other things that I ended up thinking of and writing down.  Really there were many more happy moments than not happy ones.  I just have a problem letting it be the not happy ones that effect my mood.  But I did go to sleep happy, and I woke up happy, so thats good.  Hopefully I can continue this for the next 39 days, and as my friend Maddie pointed out, by then it should just be habit.

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