Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funny Story

The screen saver on my computer runs through all my pictures.  Some seem to get more screen time than others.  This is one that seems to get a lot of screen time.
Apparently, my computer knows how much I like to recall this funny story.  Which I now feel I must share with all of you.

It was back in June when I was vacationing in lovely Washington.  I started my trip in Seattle and my beautiful and wonderful friends took turns hosting me and allowing me to stay at their houses/apartments.  On one of the days I thought I was making the switch to the next friends house, but I wanted to make sure so I texted her.
"Hey!  Can't wait to see you tonight.  Am I staying with you tonight and tomorrow night?"
Quickly scrolled through my contacts, picked her name, and pushed send.  And then, that fraction of a second after I pushed the send button, I realized I had not actually stopped on Autumn's name (who the text was intended for), but on Bob the Landlord's name (Bob comes after Autumn in the alphabet on my phone).  Bob, the middle aged guy who owned the house I lived in with all these girls after we graduated college.  Bob, who recieved many a call from us asking him to fix one of the numerous things wrong with the house.  I quickly resent the text, scrolling slowly through my contacts this time to ensure it went to Autumn and Autumn only, too much in shock to think of anything else.  Then I sat there trying to decide if I should send another text explaining my mistake.  Or if I should just hope he no longer had my number in his phone from the times I had to call him with our drainage and flooding basement issues.  After much deliberation, I went for the second option.
Needless to say when I shared the story with the girls they all had quite a good laugh and decided it needed to be recorded with a picture (notice the To: Bob Landlord part near the bottom).  And now about every 10 minutes I get to see this picture pop up on my computer screen.  And without fail, it always gets a little smile.
Oh, and Bob Landlord has now been renamed as Landlord, Bob so he is not close to anyone in my contacts who I may be sending a text to.

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