Friday, February 19, 2010

I Spy...Spring!!

Oh what a joy it is to wake up in the morning to bird chirping and sun streaming through your window.  And then to walk outside and find that the sun is actually warm!  Today feels so much like a spring day, I can't help but feel happy.  If only it would stay like this until summer.  But alas, the 10 day forcast has colder temperatures coming back with rain/snow mixes.  A couple days break from that is nice though.  It makes me excited for a month from now when the weather here should be nice and warm. 

On another note, I found these two things of note last night at the gym.  First, why do people circle the parking lot trying to find a close spot?  Why not park an extra 30 yards away where there are plenty of open spots?  Its the gym, you are going there to work out.  Walk the little extra way.
Second, taking a smoking break at the gym?  No kidding.  There was a lady decked out in sweaty workout gear smoking by the gym door.  As I walked in, she put out the cigarette and followed me back in!!  Wow.

Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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