Thursday, January 21, 2010

I got Published!!!

Again.  Only this time is way better than the last 2 times.  I worked my butt off to get this paper out and I was sure the editor of the journal was going to come back and tell us we had a bunch of stuff to fix before it would be considered, but nope.  I got the email yesterday saying it was accepted!!!  And to a pretty good journal at that.  My first publication of my professional scientific career.  Its a pretty amazing thing.  And the feeling of accomplishment totally makes up for all the late nights and weekends and crazy hectic life style!  
(Note:  My first two publication assists were from the lab in Seattle.  I didn't do nearly as much to contribute to those as I did on this one, which is why I am way more excited about it.)
And now with this publication, my chances of getting the grant I will be applying for are increased.  I feel like I am walking a cloud right now.  Although I'm sure it will be short lived.  My boss is at a Keystone conference this week and when she returns I have a feeling she will have a whole new (very long) list of new experiments she wants to try.  At least I get to slack off a little this week.  I've been needing to catch up on my lab notebook and do some organizing of all my experiment stuff around the lab.  So its been good to catch up on that, and when she gets back I'll be ready.
But today I am super excited and I just wanted to share that with everyone!

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