Sunday, January 31, 2010


So on my third day of being stuck in my house and starting to feel a little crazy, I found G-Force on On Demand.  You know, the Disney movie where 4 guinea pigs save the world?  Yeah, totally Oscar worthy.  Ok, maybe not.  And given the fact that I probably never would have watched it aside from the fact that I have a guinea pig, I decided to let Daisy watch too.  I figured it would be good bonding time for us.  However, she was more interested in the pile of snacks I got out for her which she munched down quite quickly in normal Daisy fashion.  And then she proceded to snuggle into my lap and fall asleep.  A testament to the awesomeness of the movie no doubt.
Watching the movie, however, kind of got me thinking, what does my little Daisy do while I'm gone all day?

Maybe its time I get out of my house.

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