Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Makes Me Happy...

My friend Maddie posted a blog today all about happiness (here). As well as my friend Erika did not too long ago (here). The article Maddie referenced was really great. And going along with my west coast friend inspiration I have decided to list the 10 things that make me most happy.

10. A good run.
9. A great meal with a nice glass of wine.
8. Laying in the sun.
7. Waking up from a good nap.
6. Relaxing and watching a really good movie.
5. Watching my cats trying to get things outside the window they are staring at.
4. Catching up with old and new friends. Whether on the phone, or just hanging out.
3. Ice cream cones and sno cones!
2. Going home to visit my family.
1. Hearing my little sister belly laugh! Or for that matter anything she does.

And so much more!

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