Monday, August 3, 2009

Story Time

Oh my goodness. I feel like I have been running around without a break for the last 2 weeks. Work was crazy. 11-13 hour days, then packing, then moving, now unpacking. But its the start of a new month and hopefully things will fall back into the normal routine. Dawn and I have been in our new place for a little over a week now. Its coming together, however slowly. By the time we both get home from work, we are not necessarily gung ho on unpacking and then the weekend comes and we have a bunch of other things to do. But school out here starts super early, as in a week from today, so all our friends who are teachers are already back at it so there will be a lot less events going on.
I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of being in Memphis this past weekend. And of course I spent it on Beale St. Just like one year ago. As always we went to Silky's. The Chi O's favorite bar down here. We know the bouncer so we never pay cover. And we know the bartender so we rarely pay for our drinks. And when we do its so cheap. For example, on the 4th of July I probably drank oh like 7 double size vodka pineapples plus a couple shots. How much did I pay? $10. Gotta love Mario. Oh and speaking of the 4th, guess who got kidnapped? Yep that would be me. All I was trying to do was dance with my friend Diana when what should happen. A group of black guys come up and start dancing with us and then they literally pick me up and carry me downstairs, out of the club, down a couple blocks to their car. How did this happen?? I HAVE NO IDEA. There are cops every where. How did a white girl surrounded by like 5 black guys not look suspicious? Then again, this is Memphis. And really I'm not sure why I didn't make a scene. Maybe it was the vodka pineapples. Anyway, don't worry, I got away. I knew my skills at running while intoxicated would come in handy sooner or later. While we were standing by the car, I ever so cleverly told them to "look there are a bunch of fire works" and while they were looking I ran. Thank goodness I was wearing flip flops. I found my friend Diana, who of course was freaking out, got to her car and drove home immediately. Then proceeded to stay up until like 5 in the morning trying to figure out how the heck that all just happened. Definitely a memorable 4th. (sorry if you are reading this mom. obviously didn't tell you cause i know you would freak out)
I think I was still a little shook up on Saturday because I refused to go back to the club. Not Silky's, a different one. If anything ever ruined Silky's for me, I think I would have to leave Memphis.
Other than that amazing story, its just been the usual summer stuff. Trying not to die in the heat mostly. Except that while ya'll were having your crazy hot weather we were having some crazy weather of our own. And by crazy I mean tornados. Although I was unaware of it at the time one touched down about a mile from my place. I was taking a Thursday afternoon nap when all of a sudden I am woken up by a strange siren sound. It had been nasty all day and the thunderstorm had rolled in about a half hour early. It was crazy loud, like if you were laying under a bowling alley floor. And I just figured the thunder had set off some alarm. Which it can and has done a few times this summer. Then Dawn called. She was down cleaning her old apartment. She asked if I was ok and did I hear the tornado sirens. I freaked out: TORNADO SIRENS??? Are you kidding? We didn't have cable hooked up yet, so I got online and found a streaming news channel and there were tornados touching down all over. Thank goodness they were heading away from us and no more were in our path. But I stayed pretty close to the cats and Daisy just in case I had to grab them and get in a closet. I think I'll take the hot weather any day over tornados.
Ok, well I think I've prattled on long enough. I could probably keep going, but there is that work thing I should be doing.

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