Friday, August 21, 2009

Fading Fast....

Ok, so I am really trying to stick to my training schedule for running. I have been doing really good this month so far, but I have a pretty packed weekend. I didn't want to get too far off schedule so I forced myself to get up extra early this morning and run. I thought, hey this will be great. I'll get woken up, I'll have lots of endorphins running through me, and I will have a great and productive day. SO wrong. I could barely stay awake through class this morning even with the extra large cup of coffee I had to buy when I got to campus. When the professor turned all the lights off I was sure I was in for it. And in a class size of 5 I would have been more than a little conspicuous. Somehow, thankfully, I managed to stay awake. But then I went to lab. I don't have much actual bench work to do today. I am doing a bunch of research on the computer, looking up reference papers, protocols, things like that. Well, let me tell you. Sitting here reading from the computer screen is definitely putting me to sleep. I don't usually go out and buy lunch when I work. But today I treated myself to Arby's just so I could get an extra large soft drink, full of caffein. Still not doing the trick so well. Hence I decided to take a little break in hopes of regenerating myself. I told myself I was going to work until 6 today, but I think its going to be all I can do to be here til 5.
Seriously, how do some of you get up everyday early just to run? And how do you stay awake during the day?

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