Monday, June 18, 2012

The Throw Pillow Debate

So, I have recently moved in with my boyfriend.  And by recently I mean last Sunday.  However, before that if you were looking for me, the last place to look would have been my own apartment.  I moved into my apartment the end of December and total probably was there less than one month added up.  Hence, the decision to move in with Michael just made sense.  Well around February (maybe the end of January, I can't really remember) Michael decided to buy a new couch.  Its a really beautiful couch and really comfortable and serves the purpose he was looking for of providing ample seating.  In my (oh so humble) opinion, though, it just lacked something.

It looks so big and bare!

So I told Michael we should get some throw pillows for it and dress it up a little.  The look he gave me told me we would not be doing that.  He said (as nicely as he could), "I don't do throw pillows."  Well of course I couldn't let this go.  Since then I have been telling him that I am just going to show up one day with pillows and because he loves me so much he wouldn't dare get rid of them.  Then to appease me he told me if I ever move in, I could buy some throw pillows BUT he got final veto approval.  I agreed.  And then we made the decision for me to move in.  Now I can't stop looking at pillows!  He told me I had to limit them to 3, but I'm sure I could sneak a 4th one in!  I am trying to be nice though and not go too "girly".  Here are some I am considering.  Don't you think they would look great?


  1. Take it from me. No matter how much time passes. He will never get the throw pillow thing! Charlie STILL grumbles about the ones on the bed! LOL.

  2. All of the circle-y ones would look great! I agree, the couch is very nice but needs something. :)