Monday, June 25, 2012

New Toys

I have to admit, this year I am feeling pretty spoiled.  For mine and Michael's six month anniversary I got a beautiful pearl necklace and dinner at the BEST steak house in town.  Then for my birthday he got me bicycle!  I've been wanting a bicycle for a while now, ever since they opened the Greenline and started putting in bike lanes on all the roads (both of which are huge steps for Memphis).  Well I mentioned it to Michael and he immediately decided that he'd get me one.  And I love it.  In fact we just went on a long ride this weekend and had lunch out at the park we rode to.  Only issue was that we decided to leave the house at 12:30 and by then it was about 98 degrees outside.  By the time we got to the park I was so hot!  Lets just say the ride back wasn't as fun as the ride out.

Isn't is beautiful?!  (Mine is on the right.)

Not only did I get this magnificent bike, but my parents felt compelled to buy me a new computer!  My old PC laptop has served me well the last 4 years, but it often gets over heated and will just turn off on me without warning.  Not so conducive when you are working on grants and papers for hours on end.  As with the bike, I have been wanting a new laptop, specifically a MacBook Pro.  All of our computers in the lab are Macs and I have officially converted from PC to Mac.  They are just so much better.  So good old mom and dad helped me out and got me a MacBook.  They are so great like that.  And while I feel pretty good using Macs now, Michael decided it was worth the money to sign up for One-to-One.  Now I get a year of free training whenever I want!  My first one is tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited.  I am totally going to become a Mac expert.


I really do feel like the luckiest girl!  But I better not push my luck.  I'm thinking small now.  Like maybe a new sewing machine so I can become domestic!  Those are pretty cheap right??

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  1. Yay! We should Greenline together sometime!

    I got my Macbook Pro last year and still like it! :) Sadly I still use PCs at work, so I haven't gotten as familiar with Mac stuff as I'd like to.