Monday, July 12, 2010

A sad sort of day

So today I had to have a procedure done that was uncomfortable both physically and emotionally, not to mention a little bit painful.
(I'm not going to describe it online for anyone to read, but if you are truly concerned you may call me and I will fill you in.)
It was quite an awful experience and during the whole thing I felt quite alone and wished I had someone there with me.  I had originally told my boss I would go into work in the afternoon, but the whole ordeal was a little too much to handle to I took the rest of the afternoon off.  Luckily my boss is very supportive and didn't have a problem with it.  The weather outside was perfect for the way I felt inside.  It was stormy all last night and the weather today was wet and grey.  The painkiller I took didn't seem to make me sleepy at first, so I spent most of the afternoon laying in bed reading Jane Eyre with my cats sleeping as much on my stomach as I would let them.  It was a sad sort of day and I am glad it is finally over.  Now hopefully the rest of my week will be wonderful.

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