Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boss for 3 Days

So my PI is out of town this week at a conference.  Which of course means that everyday I get random texts, emails and phone calls with questions about have we done this experiment or we need to do this experiment or I just went skiing and it was awesome (gee, thanks for rubbing that one in).  And I know when she comes in on Monday she will have a 10 page list to add to the ungodly length list we already have of experiments to get done.  But that is all beside the point of this post.  The point is she is gone.  Which normally puts Luciana, our post-doc in charge.  However, Luciana left yesterday to go home to Argentina for a nice little 3 week visit.  And in my lab the heirarchy follows such that I am next in charge.  Making me the boss for three days.  I barely have time to be the boss of my own experiments, let alone manage 2 lab techs and 2 undergrads, who lets just say, all need an extreme amount of managing.
For example, thank you undergrad number 1 for texting me at midnight last night (MIDNIGHT) asking me if I was awake and could I read over your paper. 
Or lab tech number 1 who sits and stares at the computer all day unless I specifically go up and give them something to do.  A little initiative would be nice.
However, gotta love the encouragement from the boss.  Such as last nights (extremely long) email that ended in "Thanks for holding down the fort.  You are in charge, whip everyone into shape."
Anyway, I've managed to make it through almost 2 days.  And tomorrow is Friday.  Thank goodness!

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