Friday, October 1, 2010


Apparently I'm a big shopper these days.  Not only did I buy my skinny jeans yesterday but I also bought 2 dresses and a sweater.  And today, well lets just say I had a terrible day and broke down in lab resulting in my being sent home about 3.  So when my roommate got home about 5:30 we decided to go shopping again, to help me feel better.  This time I bought another dress.  I was actually looking for one for my friends wedding next weekend.  Its cute!  And it will be really fun for when the weather gets colder to wear with tights too!  I'll make sure to take pics.  Then I also got two really cute tunic type shirts.  Anyway.  I've been kind of strapped for cash lately so I guess I was excited to have some money to spend on my self.  Now to get to wear them all!! Good thing I have like 3 parties to go to tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll be feeling a little better by then too.

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  1. You stress me out...I still don't know what I will be wearing to the wedding!