Friday, July 10, 2009

Defying Gravity

So I finally got a chance to see the musical Wicked! It was so amazing. I read the book years ago when it first came out. It is kind of dark and political and a little depressing (but I loved it). So I was curious to see how they adapted it to fit this more light hearted play. Well, they did a great job. It still follows the main story line of the book but is definitely much happier and less political. And the music is great! I can't stop listening to the sound track and I love singing along with the songs. I actually enjoyed it so much that I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a t-shirt. Although it is pretty cute. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see it, DO IT!! I will definitely be going again at some point.

Also, I didn't get a chance to write about it, but I went to a New Kids on the Block concert. I wasn't necessarily that into NKOTB growing up, but I knew some of thier songs and I did have a black and hot pink backpack. When the announcement was made that they were coming to town, though, my friend Amanda got super excited and really wanted to go. So I told her I would, along with 2 other of our friends. The very opening act was the Jabawakis. They won America's Best Dance Crew. They were so good! Although the masks kind of creeped me out.

After them was Jesse McCartney. He is so little! Seeing him on stage made him look so tiny. I did like some of his songs though and he is a good little entertainer. And then....NKOTB. Ok, for being like 40 years old, they are still HOT! And totally fit!! And can still rock an AWESOME concert! It was definitely worth the money. Very entertaining. And I may have bought some of their new songs off iTunes. What? They were good.

For my next concert I am trying to convince my friends that we really need to go see Journey! Any takers?

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