Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coffee disaster

So I woke up a little earlier this morning than I normally do. However, did the same routine: got the coffee going, hopped in the shower, got dressed, did hair/make-up, went to make my lunch...and then I saw it. My "coffee". Apparently getting up a whole half hour earlier totally threw me off because when I expected to see a nice pot of coffee I instead saw a pot of water with a slight tinge of brown. It helps to actually add the coffee to the coffee maker. So I poured the water back in, and made sure to add the coffee. However, did not stop to think that already hot water does not brew good coffee. Needless to say my favorite thing about the morning did not satisfy me at all this particular morning. Which is kind of a bummer since today is going to be a long day in the lab. 40 mouse surgeries. For those of you that don't know, that is a lot. However, tomorrow we get to do 86. So if 40 is a lot, 86 is...well, lets just say I WON'T be making any mistakes in my coffee making tomorrow.

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