Friday, July 8, 2011

A little work out motivation

Just when I look around and I think that people are really getting into being fit and active this article pops up on my Google home page.

In case you are pressed for time or don't actually feel like opening the article here are some nice little excerpts for you.

"High Obesity rates continue to earn America an 'F'."
"An annual report F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2011, from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that Mississippi has the highest rate of obesity in the country, soaring up to 34.4 percent (That would be my neighbor state, way to go guys!)......The report released on Thursday also showed that over the past two decades, seven states have doubled their rate of obesity and ten states have doubled their rate of diabetes......The highest obesity rates fell mostly in the South, in large swaths of poor and rural areas, and where fried foods are eaten in abundance.....Since 1995, obesity rates have risen fastest in Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee, with the slowest rates occuring in Colorado, Connecticut and Washington, D.C.......Following Mississippi, the most obese states are Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee and Louisiana. It's not until No. 10 on the list, Michigan, that a state above the Mason-Dixon Line appears. The least obese states continue to be in the West and Northeast."

In case you missed the trend in this post (the bold and large words) let me bring it to your attention.  I live in the worst possible place to succumb to corpulence.  And as I have no desire whatsoever to be catagorized as any type of over weight let the long runs in the scorching heat begin.  And perhaps I should consider a move to Colorado?  Or better yet Europe.  If America is getting an F, who is getting the A?


  1. Horrifying. Though Mississippi is the fattest, wouldn't surprise me if the area next to MS (aka, Memphis) is just as chubby*.

    Or morbidly obese*.