Friday, February 11, 2011

Its a Parasite!!

So apparently I only like to blog these days when I have funny stories about my sister.  Unfortunately that means that there is absolutely nothing of interest going on in my life.  At least nothing blog worthy.  Therefore I will share another one, of oh so many, funny Sarah stories for you.

So Sarah really likes to watch Animal Planet.  You could turn it on in the morning and she would seriously sit there and watch it until bed time.  Well one of the shows on Animal Planet is called the Monsters Inside Me and it is all about parasites that live inside your body.  The other night her and my dad were having dinner together while my mom was at choir practice.  She looked in her milk and asked my dad, "what is this?".  He replied without really looking, "I don't know."  She then exclaimed, "I think its a parasite!!!"  At this point my dad looked in the milk to find a tiny piece of black lint.  He then had to explain to her that parasites do not hang out in milk.  I don't know if you think this is as funny as I do, but even now I am still laughing.  It helps if you can imagine her little 7 year old self and the fact that she thinks she is a little know it all sure that she had just discovered a parasite in her evening milk!  Oh man, so funny.  I made sure to ask her about it yesterday on the phone.  "So Sarah, I heard you almost drank a parasite."  To which she replied in her matter of fact voice, "Ew, gross.  Anyway, it wasn't a parasite, it was just lint." 

Love that kid.

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