Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Just in case you were wondering I almost published this as Happy 20111.  Ha! 
Anyway, since everyone seems to be sharing their plans for 2011 I guess I'll share mine too.

1. Be happy and content with what I have.
2. Continue running (more on this later)
3. Not be such a workaholic, tell my boss no I will not come in this weekend and take more weekend trips: Nashville, St. Louise, Destin, New Orleans.  There are so many great places near Memphis.
4. Go back to Washington!
       This I know is happening for sure!!  In June I am going back to the wonderful state in which I spent most of my youth.  My gracious grandparents have offered to help me with my ticket (love them!) and my mother has decided that we need to run the Seattle Rock and Roll half marathon!!!!  Crazy woman!  But she has recruited about half the town of Kalama, so I guess it could be fun.  So mark your calendars ladies, last week in June I'll be back on the west coast.  And if any of you aren't going to be there, well then I might cry.
5. Make it through my Admission to Candidacy defense. 
6. Have a huge party after number 5 :)

Those are the big ones.  #3 has been on the list since I've moved here and has yet to happen.  Maybe 2011 is the year.  We'll see!!

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