Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the road again

Running that is.  I knew my old running shoes were getting worn out by the fact that my feet starting hurting really bad and my shins and my knees.  Unfortunately the salary of a graduate student made it difficult to buy a new pair.  But my loving mother and father decided to save me from my pain and buy some for me!  And I finally got to break them in today!  Due to the fact that I was busy with getting things done at work before leaving for vacation and then being on vacation (for 11 glorious days) I didn't run for almost 2 weeks.  My body was so happy to be back out there in beautiful, new shoes!  And in perfect time to start training for the St. Jude half marathon.  Yup, I signed up again. mom signed up with me!!!  And she is already kicking my but!  Now lets just hope I don't hurt myself while training again this year.

Oh, and it has been brought to my attention that my blog posts have been close to non existent these last few months.  I just want to apologize to the (very) few of you who actually do read my blog and feel lost without me.  I promise to make a better effort in keeping you up to date on my life happenings :)


  1. Great job signing up again! You'll do great!!

  2. I also have been awful about blogging...maybe I will get back into it this weekend!

    Good luck with training!